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Contact Support. Don't want to do it yourself? Service Partner. Find a 3D photographer. Get Started for Free. New Subscription Plans Check out our new, simplified subscription plans with fewer caps and limits. Learn More. This prepares them to contribute to new technology for better telepresence, smarter mobile media, or future immersive experience. Contact: Markus Flierl mflierl kth.

The students are introduced to the techniques for acquiring medical images CT, MRI , of processing these images, to reconstruct 3D models, and to apply these techniques for medical diagnosis, planning and operative support. The student are introduced to frameworks for medical visualisation and are able to built systems for comparative visualisation of multimodal data to support visual analysis. New imaging and visualisation applications are invading medical practices, both for diagnosis as well as for supporting minimal invasive surgery.

For the development of these applications we work closely together with hospitals and with companies in the health care field. His interests include real-time and perceptual rendering, alternative representations, shadow algorithms, global illumination, and GPU acceleration techniques.

Stop Killing Blu-ray 3D - Episode 6: No Dark Phoenix 3D (Future of Fox, Digital and IMAX 3D, etc.)

Currently she is working on the subject of multivalued image analysis and visualization, focusing on Diffusion Weighted Imaging and 4D Flow. Her research interests include medical visualization, volume visualization, multi-valued visualization, and medical image analysis. Boudewijn P. His main research interest is the integration of a-priori knowledge into segmentation and registration algorithms, with main applications to cardiac imaging and multi-modal pre-clinical imaging.

This specialisation focuses on communications and delivery networks, systems, enabling technologies and platforms for providing media services in smart cities, considering also the communication between vehicles and IoT devices. Students who complete this specialisation obtain a thorough understanding of the state-of-the-art technologies of media communications and are capable of designing, implementing and operating media communications services over new generation telecommunications networks, in particular wireless and mobile networks.

Topics include quality of service provisioning, media delivery over heterogeneous access networks, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, digital broadcasting systems, interactive services, media communications over IP networks and the Internet, content delivery networks and security aspects of media delivery. The coordinator of this program is Associate Professor Vilmos Simon. The company he co-founded became market leader in social networks in the region. He is one of the founder mentors of the BME Venture Mentoring Service modelled by MIT, which supports innovation and entrepreneurial activity throughout the BME community and beyond by matching both prospective and experienced entrepreneurs with skilled volunteer mentors.


The members of the laboratory have been active in numerous national and EU projects relevant to this specialisation, e. Facilities for students include an Apple, a Cisco and a vehicle communication laboratory, where they can design and implement new media services for smart cities.

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UCL offers a specialisation in Virtual Environments with courses focused on the technical aspects of virtual reality systems as well as the underlying technologies. Students are trained in the current state-of-the-art concerning all aspects of virtual environments: design and implementation of virtual environments, advanced computer graphics, and visual computing. Elective course are offered to cover multimedia, machine vision, and interaction aspects.

The UCL Department of Computer Science is particularly renowned in this area and the courses will be taught by world-leading researchers. Students are benefitting from the available facilities, such as an immersive CAVE-like display system, head-mounted and 3D displays, haptic input devices, 3D scanners, multi-touch tables, motion tracking systems, etc. The specialisation falls into the thematic area of Smart Spaces, where the use of virtual and mixed reality improve the quality of telepresence and thus reduce the need for physical travel.

Virtual environments also enable shared virtual collaborative spaces, a likely avenue in Future Media and Content Delivery.

However, almost all of the components of that sci-fi vision are now with us: mobile phones with excellent real-time rendering, motion capture systems in the home and very high- quality displays. People talk about "immersion in video games", and "augmented reality" is available on mobile devices. Components of virtual environments technology have thus, un- heralded, become ubiquitous in our lives and it has been brought to us through devices designed for entertainment. Our research and teaching is high impact and we ensure this through collaborations with over twenty companies in the field.

We also have excellent resources that are available for students to use including a range of high-end cameras surround cameras, depth cameras, SLRs , a CAVE-like systems, clusters of high-end rendering PCs and associated tracking systems, sensors systems and interaction devices. Unfortunately, UCL is not available as an exit for students admitted in As technology continues to evolve, we can expect it to impact all aspects of our lives and society as a whole.

AI has been around for decades. There is self-execute and practical use for AI. Designed to learn more about you in order to make better, more accurate suggestions for you, these AI need to collect data from search histories, products purchased, or even overheard conversations, to discover your preferences.

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Google, for example, is already working on an algorithm that allows an AI to learn to drive through experience—just as humans do. Autonomous vehicles are expected to bring about a number of benefits including fewer road accidents, more efficient fuel consumption, and reduced traffic congestion.

3D Future Internet Media

Healthcare is also seeing numerous possibilities of integrating AI into existing systems. While the future applications of AI are anticipated to help make our lives easier and more efficient, there is caution among some of not only the reliance on this technology, but the number of jobs that will replace humans. Some of these are already integrated into everyday life, including self-serve checkouts, online support, and other roles that can adequately be handled at a much smaller cost using AI.

Blockchain was developed through its first application, Bitcoin, as a way to disrupt the banking industry, in which ledgers are by definition highly centralized in a given bank or consortium of banks. Blockchain served the purpose of establishing a trustless economy through its cryptographic and decentralized components, rendering the need for third parties of traditional financial transactions useless.

These three features aimed to make financial transactions more secure while reducing fees charged by greedy banks. The goal was to facilitate faster transactions that are free from control and the risks of a single point of authority.

However, Blockchain technology has become much more than just a solution for financial services. The same features that are improving the deficits of the financial services industry have the potential to resolve the inefficiencies of many other industries. The implications for the healthcare industry are immense. Smart contracts, an application of blockchain technology, are able to self-execute functions when certain conditions are met.

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By eliminating the middleman, smart contracts could drive down costs in transactions. Blockchain is also enabling us to move from an ownership economy to a shared economy , in which we no longer need to own our own items but are able to share resources including cars, data storage, internet, solar energy and more.

In recent years, however, it has become more readily accessible. The many benefits of this technology include faster builds that are cheaper and less wasteful while also being highly customizable. Prosthetics represent one application of 3D printing that has already achieved notable success. The ability to print prosthetics not only substantially reduces the cost by thousands; in addition, its customizability allows the prosthesis to fit the individual user with extreme precision.

By using 3D printing, it took only 3 months to go from concept to completion, drastically reducing lead-time.

3D Future Internet Media 3D Future Internet Media
3D Future Internet Media 3D Future Internet Media
3D Future Internet Media 3D Future Internet Media
3D Future Internet Media 3D Future Internet Media
3D Future Internet Media 3D Future Internet Media

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