Busstepp Lectures on String Theory

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String Theory in a nutshell by Elias Kiritsis, Princeton University Press, , Errata This book is an up to date presentation of the main parts of modern string theory, targeting specialized students and postdocs entering or working in string theory. As such, it includes a lot of material with relatively less detailed explanation, which serves its purpose as an introduction very well.

However, one does need some further readings to completely understand everything this book is trying to say. No familiarity with quantum field theory is assumed although Zwiebach does assume a working knowledge of quantum mechanics.

It focuses on the study of single strings and their interactions, which can be understood in some detail. Of necessity, however, it is impossible to address many advanced topics. String Theory Volume 1: An Introduction to the Bosonic String Volume 2: Superstring Theory and Beyond by Joe Polchinski two volumes, CUP, , errata This book addresses the discoveries of the superstring revolutions of the early to mid s, which mark the beginnings of modern string theory. Volume 1 quantises the bosonic string and uses this setting to introduce T-duality and D-branes without the complications of fermions.

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The first three chapters of volume 2 introduce superstrings, but quickly move beyond. Some of the errata were corrected in the reprinting in Though there are now many more modern texts, it containing many details that more recent texts must skim through to discuss modern topics.

Volume 1 is concerned mainly with the free string, though it treats both bosonic and supersymmetric versions. Volume 2 addresses the details of loop calculations, but also discusses low-energy effective theories in particular, supergravity and compactifications especially on Calabi-Yau manifolds. Introduction to Superstring Theory by E.

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Wess–Zumino model

Kiritsis provides a pedagogical introduction starting with the point particle and the bosonic string, and then proceeds through conformal field theory and the superstring. Advanced topics treated include T- duality, anomalies, compactification and supersymmetry breaking, loop corrections, and non-perturbative dualities. Lectures on String Theory by D. Theisen Springer-Verlag, This very useful text features a short route to the superstring and includes an excellent treatment of the heterotic string. Hatfield Perseus Publishing, An updated version of Hatfield's book, the first half quickly reviews quantum field theory while the second introduces the very basics of strings.

Gauge fields and Strings by A. Polyakov Harwood Academic Publishers, This classic work uses a detailed treatment of quantum field theory in terms of first-quantized particles to make a natural transition to the first quantized string. Details of path-integral measures and other fundamentals are well-presented. Introduction to Superstrings and M-Theory by M. Lykken, Brent D.

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Mavromatos , Lect. Notes Phys.


Some further remarks part 1 , Joseph Polchinski , arXiv Nielsen , arXiv The Birth of String Theory, Firenze Theory , V. Gates, M. Roachcock, E. Kangaroo, W. Gall , Fox et al. Gates, E. Kangaroo, M. Roachcock, W. Gall , Physica 15D Strings and symmetries , Stony Brook, , pp. Strings 90, College Station, , pp. Strings 89, College Station, , pp. Strings '88, College Park, , pp.

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Unified String Theories, Santa Barbara, , pp. String Search Literal string search. Case Insensitive Case Sensitive. Cross search NU It is possible to perform a cross search between the various pages of Neutrino Unbound.

Busstepp Lectures on String Theory Busstepp Lectures on String Theory
Busstepp Lectures on String Theory Busstepp Lectures on String Theory
Busstepp Lectures on String Theory Busstepp Lectures on String Theory
Busstepp Lectures on String Theory Busstepp Lectures on String Theory
Busstepp Lectures on String Theory Busstepp Lectures on String Theory
Busstepp Lectures on String Theory Busstepp Lectures on String Theory
Busstepp Lectures on String Theory Busstepp Lectures on String Theory

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