Social Scientists Meet the Media

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We just have to help them do it in a proper way.

Nicholas Christakis: The Sociological Science Behind Social Networks and Social Influence

Students also discussed how they would go about debunking bad science on the internet, posted tweets about their own research, and dissected how organizations have successfully and unsuccessfully dealt with a crisis using social media. The class proved to be so popular that when it was offered again this fall, it filled to capacity in the first four minutes of registration.

Davis also says that on the basis of interest from faculty, he and Mojarad are working on a half-day workshop that distills the essence of the course into an afternoon.

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Often faculty members are still trying to figure out what they can accomplish with social media, Davis says. They wonder if it is a time sink that will detract from research.

Social media is only going to become more popular, she points out. Not taking advantage of the broad reach it provides would be a missed opportunity to communicate chemistry.

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Contact us to opt out anytime. Volume 94 Issue 43 pp. A handful of courses help researchers navigate the landscape of internet communication.

A scientist's guide to social media

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Used from other sellers Check for new and used marketplace copies. Most major institutions and funding bodies have Twitter feeds and Facebook pages that they use to post news and reminders. Most events have a hashtag, which aggregates all tweets from the conference in real-time. There has also been an explosion in the number of online journal clubs and other groups, for example ECRchat and medscilife. Keep the information broad, and stick to published research or non-specific information.

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Look for some good examples of scientists who tweet about your field without compromising their data, and follow their lead. Facebook groups and pages are also well designed to build communities, which can be helpful if you work with patient groups, or want to bring together a group of researchers in your field. Why not follow us on social media? You can also find us on Facebook , Instagram and Youtube. You are here: Who we are More News 10 reasons why scientists should embrace social media.

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Social Scientists Meet the Media Social Scientists Meet the Media
Social Scientists Meet the Media Social Scientists Meet the Media
Social Scientists Meet the Media Social Scientists Meet the Media
Social Scientists Meet the Media Social Scientists Meet the Media
Social Scientists Meet the Media Social Scientists Meet the Media
Social Scientists Meet the Media Social Scientists Meet the Media

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