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Quoting another great astronomer-mathematician Varahamihira , he further writes:.

And if Yamakoti and Rum are opposite to each other, one could not say that the one is low in relation to the other, since low does not exist… Every one speaks of himself, 'I am above and the others are below,' whilst all of them are around the globe like the blossoms springing on the branches of a Kadamb-tree. Although this was in itself an amazing achievement by the ancients, I thought this would be the maximum extent of their geographical knowledge.

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The various Lokas mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Aditi A goddess of the sky, consciousness, the past, the future and fertility. Advaita A school of Hindu philosophy often called a monistic or non-dualistic system which refers to the indivisibility of the Self Atman from the Whole Brahman. Agastya A great sage in mythilogy, his wife Lopamudra was equally a great sage in her own right.

Agneyastra Agneyastra is the fire weapon, incepted by God Agni, master of the flames. Agni Hindu fire god.

Vedic Mythology

Agnihotra A sacrifice to God Agni. Ahi Means snake.

Airavata Lord Indra's white elephant. Ajatasatru Having no enemy, friend of all born things, an epithet for Yudhishthira.

Akshayapatra A mythilogical vessel given to Yudhishthira by the Sun god which was never empty of food. Amaravati The city of Indra. Ananta The thousand headed snake, Adisesha.

Andhaka Andhaka was the demon son of Shiva, and was created from a drop of his sweat. Anga Mlechchha Kings, a Kaurava supporter. Angada Son of Vali. One of the Vanar in Lord Rama's army.

NOPR: Vedic mythology of solar eclipse and its scientific validation

Anjalika The greatest of Arjuna's arrows with which he slays Karna. Eggs were important part of nutrition in the ancient times. Especially in northern parts of the world where winter was long and cold and eggs were nowhere to be found. In magic rites seer, the seidr took the egg and in their imagination fertilised it with the desired outcome.

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Egg was cracked to release what was built up inside and the desired energy manifested into being. Outside this egg was nothing but void.


From this material inside the egg grew god Pan Gu. He slept inside the egg for 18 years growing into a giant. The egg broke into two halves. The upper side became the sky and the lower side became the earth. As the god grew taller the earth and the sky grew larger and became more further away from each others.

Vedic mythology

When the god died his body parts became different parts of the earth. His arms and legs became mountains, his veins turned into rivers. His voice became the thunder and his breath became the wind.

Vedic Mythology Vedic Mythology
Vedic Mythology Vedic Mythology
Vedic Mythology Vedic Mythology
Vedic Mythology Vedic Mythology
Vedic Mythology Vedic Mythology
Vedic Mythology Vedic Mythology

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