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Build Your Business on Faith: 55 Bible Verses About Business

Yes, truth is always consistent, whether it is revealed directly from God to man, through his inspired prophets, or comes from the laboratory through diligent searching of his children and through the influence of the Spirit of the Lord upon them. You are in a changing world beset with many perplexities. But while change is all about us, and will continue to be, in the physical world, we must recognize that there are certain heaven-sent verities, principles, and values that are eternal. These never change. You will be required to pass your judgment on them.

Be not misled. Remember that ideas and theories are either sound or unsound; their soundness does not depend upon which men hold them. There will always be those little minds who, out of vanity or intellectual display, will attempt to destroy faith in the very foundations of life.

Be assured, however, that no man, worthy of the name, who has been humbled and awed before the unexplainable wonders of this marvelous universe, will ever scoff at sacred things or try to rob you of your faith in the unseen. Our inability to explain a thing in terms of our materialism does not disprove its reality. By yielding obedience to your faith in God and the laws of the universe, both spiritual and physical, there will come a soul-satisfying security that is priceless.

You will need this anchor as you face a doubting world. To you we say: Advance unafraid!

How to Be a Growing Christian

Meet the challenge of a modern world! Remember, it is truth that endures. It is truth that makes men courageous enough to become Christlike.


It is the truth that makes men and nations free. Yes, be intelligent. Intelligence is wise and judicious use of knowledge. Desire it!

Wisdom - Mental development

Pray for it! Study it! Practice it! Do all this and you will find truth; it cannot be denied you. Like the Master, in whose footsteps you follow, may you constantly increase in wisdom. It may seem trite to say that you are the trustees of posterity, but it is true. The future of our country will, sooner than you think, rest in your hands and those of your contemporaries. Be worthy trustees. Continue to grow in stature.

Be cheerful in all that you do. Live joyfully. Live happily. Live enthusiastically, knowing that God does not dwell in gloom and melancholy, but in light and love. Your physical well-being is not only a priceless blessing to yourself, but a heritage that you may pass on to your descendants. With good health, all other activities of life are greatly enhanced.

A clean mind in a healthy body will enable you to render far more effective service to others. It will help you provide more vigorous leadership. It will give your every experience in life more zest and meaning. Good health is a noble and worthwhile attainment. The Word of Wisdom leads to clean habits, thoughts, and actions.

Possibly the best measure of the stature of a man or woman is in their own home, at their own fireside. As you look hopefully forward, what conclusions have you reached about marriage, the home, and family? The foundation of a happy home must be laid during premarital days. You young people should keep your associations on an uplifting, spiritual level.

The Practice of Wisdom

Moral purity is an eternal principle. Its violation destroys the noblest qualities and aspirations of man. Purity is life-giving; unchastity is deadly. You should realize that there is a grave danger in building your premarital associations on a physical basis of necking, petting, and fornication. The harmful effects of such unlawful associations are carried over into married life, bringing disappointment, heartache, and the weakening of the structure of the home. Unchastity is the most damning of all evils, while moral purity is one of the greatest bulwarks of successful homemaking.

As a member of a large family of children and a grateful father of six, may I say to you, keep the fountains of life pure.

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Learning Wisdom For Witnessing From Jesus Pt. 1 - Dr. Myles Munroe

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You will never know the kind of victory that you ought to know and the kind of joy that you may have unless you learn to be a growing Christian. We are to be continually growing toward maturity. Hebrews You can be spiritually healthy and yet not mature. You can be spiritually gifted and yet not mature.

Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ
Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ
Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ
Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ
Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ
Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ
Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ
Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ Wisdom On ... Growing in Christ

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